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We started as a group of three runners and three others (as we called the three of us who were non-runners), and all six of us were better at organizing parties, cheering events, photo shootings than running long distances. We liked making jokes about us as runners.. Our favorite one: Our PB at 5k was 2k.. It was a joke, but it was true.
We became family before we became runners, and our moto stayed till this day:
Social power of running is always above any athletic result or health benefit.
Of course, over the past 5 years we became more serious about running. Our crew is proud of numerous achievements: tens of podiums, hundreds of marathons, ultra-marathons, BQ’s, ironman, triathlons..

Burt has brought recreational running culture in Belgrade to the next level through running:
-442 Relay- unofficial 442 km relay, from Belgrade to Zagreb, together with our ZR family(pa link filma)
-TSP 4.0 (link filma)relay 550 km relay from Los Angeles to Las Vegas as a part of 442 Snakes (Zagreb Runners + Red Snakes Milano + BURT)
-TSP 5.0(link filma kada bude) this time the team consisted of our members only.
Since our first day we took the BTG course. BTG movement has always inspired us to share positive energy and bring great ideas to the society we live in. Numerous actions and events have been organized by our crew to help the ones in need throughout our city.
Two BTG events in 2016 and 2017 brought shine to Belgrade’s largest race, and we, as the hosts to hundreds of foreign runners, made sure to give our contribution in changing the image of our country. This is the biggest success of our team.
The third Burt’s BTG event is approaching (July 2019), and we are ready to show something completely new.
It’s been said already by many of our guests-Belgrade never disappoints.
The bar is set high, but we are super pumped too.

442 CREW

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BURT, along with Zagreb runners is one of the founders of 442 crew. The 442 crew is also a part of the global Bridge the gap movement, consisting of the Belgrade Urban Running Team from Serbia and Zagreb runners from Croatia, which aims not only to raise awareness about the importance of sport and recreation for health and wellbeing, but also to cross and question the national borders, fight against nationalism and xenophobia and nurture friendship by running.

More about our projects here 


TSP 5.0

TSP 5.0 is one of our crew's biggest achievements. 10 BURT's runners represented our city, our country, and 442 family across America's sunniest part. It was challenging from the first day we start


Aside from the main message the BTG community is sending, it is also a lifestyle, where love for running meets love for travelling, forming friendships, partying, while nurturing your community and gi

442 relay

In November 2016, 16 runners (eight from Belgrade and eight from Zagreb) ran from Belgrade to Zagreb to complete 442 km in a relay run. The event was documented by Vice production and made into a doc

Drop in shelter

Drop in shelter for children is one of the only two shelters for kids living on the streets of Belgrade. Run by a small group of volunteers, funded by a few donations and helped minimally by the gover

January battle

2016, 2017 and 2018 BURT took place in January battle and won in 2016 and 2018. An event where each team from different countries runs from January 1st until the end of the month. Team with the most k

442 championship

2018 442championship. BURT and Zagreb Runners organized their first annual a competition in three different categories, among themselves. It was an excuse to get together once again and do what we are

Other projects

In addition to influencing the improvement of the running community in Serbia, BURT has supported numerous humanitarian events. These are the ones that we want to single out as the most significant: