October 17, 2018 BTG

Aside from the main message the BTG community is sending, it is also a lifestyle, where love for running meets love for travelling, forming friendships, partying, while nurturing your community and giving back. Bridge the gap events are organized throughout the year in different countries, usually around official marathon/half-marathon races. We organized two consecutive BTG events in Belgrade in 2016 and 2017. For our BTG event in April 2016, we received an award by the Belgrade Marathon, as a team that brought most foreign participants to the event. BURT team and crews from over the 20 countries decide to plant trees as a contribution to the community in one Belgrade parks. We planted the trees ourselves, and each one represents one of the crews, and as the trees grow so does our friendship with these wonderful people. 

As a crew, we also visit BTG events and races all over the world. Just in 2018 alone, BURT visited BTG events in Hamburg and Cologne and ran/had representatives in marathons and half-marathons in Belgrade, Zagreb, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, Mont Blanc, Los Angeles… A big part of the BTG event is the cheering point. Place at the racecourse where crew members, friends, and other people from the BTG community gather to support runners. Support and cheering are important in BTG movement.  #btgbgd #btgbgd17 #btg4life #bridgdethegap #ifyoudontrunyoucheer #crewlove

BTG 2016 video; BTG 2017 video



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