Drop in shelter

July 6, 2018 Drop in shelter

Drop in shelter for children is one of the only two shelters for kids living on the streets of Belgrade. Run by a small group of volunteers, funded by a few donations and helped minimally by the government, the shelter is visited by around 40 kids daily. Some of them are homeless, some live in places without basic utilities. The shelter provides them with a cooked meal, a warm shower, a bathroom, a clean set of clothes, a space to study and do their homework, and a playground. Every day. Without exception. In the harshness of their lives, it provides them with a sense of security and stability. For our BTG event that was in April 2016 when we planted trees to represent different crews, each crew gave a donation for their tree, and the money raised was used to build new bathrooms at the Shelter. In 2017, we had a live auction, some of the crews where present, some joined us live through social media. We were selling running gear, photos from different BTG events, jerseys, Olympic memorabilia and souvenirs. The things being sold had more of a sentimental value than monetary worth and helped us raise yet another donation for the Shelter.

Drop in shelter video

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